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November 11, 2019

A visit to Dikson, Russia

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From EnglishRussia:

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Dikson is the most northern port in Russia and one of the northernmost settlements in the world.

In most major settlements north of the Arctic Circle, there is still substantial twilight during the polar night at midday.

Dikson is located so far north that one may experience complete darkness with no twilight from the 8th of December to the 5th of January.

Dickson is also one of the most isolated settlements in the world.

The village was named after a Swedish explorer, Baron Oscar Dikson, who sailed on numerous voyages along Russia's remote Siberian coast.

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The most common transport is a cross-country vehicle (above).

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The easiest way to travel to Dikson is by helicopter.

Dikson's inhabitants call their settlement the "Capital of the Arctic," a name taken from a popular Soviet song.

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Many more pictures and descriptions here.

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