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November 4, 2019

Gigantic Knit Flowers by Tatyana Yanishevsky


From Megan Gambino's Smithsonian magazine article: "Providence-based artist Tatyana Yanishevsky's sculptures of various plant species are botanically accurate in almost everything but their scale."

Her "Anatomically Correct Passionflower" (above) is three feet tall, and her "Tiger Lily" (below) is five feet wide.


"In her early days experimenting with the craft, Yanishevsky knit a sweater. 'It took me forever,' recalls the artist, and she was disappointed with the finished product. 'It was so ugly and ill-fitting.'"

"Somehow I made the connection that, oh, I should just knit these giant pieces that represent what I'm studying in my botany classes."

Below, her "Hibiscus," nearly four feet wide.


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