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December 9, 2019

Mighty Victoria Falls dries to a trickle

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 7.55.51 AM

Above and below,

then and now.

[via the Guardian]

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Scarlett Johansson sings 'Just Like Honey' with the Jesus and Mary Chain at Coachella

But perhaps you'd like the whole song, not just a 38-second excerpt.

No problema.

The Jesus and Mary Chain made their first official live appearance since 1998 at Coachella when they performed this song on April 27, 2007, with Ms. Johansson singing back-up vocals during their set.

FunFact: The final scene of the 2003 film "Lost in Translation" featured the song "Just Like Honey."

[via the New York Times]

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Flat lithium batteries made simple


Forget about trying to read the microscopic print on these things.

One (1) of three (3) sizes will work for 99% of devices.

They are pictured above, left to right:

• Duracell 377 

• Maxell LR44

• Energizer CR2032

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A couple weeks ago I found the shed snakeskin pictured above on my side doorstep.

It's over three feet long, which means the snake that shed it was even larger.

IMG_0502 copyk

Above and below, close-ups.

IMG_0502 copy

Below, what appears to be the head end of the shed skin.


I know nothing about snakes but it sure looks scary to me: rattlesnake? copperhead?





FWIW, I've never seen a snake in the vicinity of my house in the 36+ years I've lived in it.

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Scratch Globe

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 11.13.14 PM

From the website:

Scratch Globe is a gold-foil-coated map of the world which allows you to scratch off where you've been on your travels.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 11.12.59 PM

When you've scratched off the country or continent you've been to, a rich and colorful map with geographical detail is revealed underneath.

Scratch Globe comes flat packed, ready to assemble.

Features and Details:

• Materials: Laminate, card, colored foil

• Assembled size: 7.87"Ø

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 11.13.07 PM


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