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December 13, 2019

Like tears in the rain

The other day I asked my Crack Research Team©® to find a New York Times article that, as best I could recall, appeared in the first decade of this century.

No dice.

Then it occurred to me that I'd referred to it in a post back in the day.

Sure enough, a deep dive into my archive unearthed not only a link to the 2005 story but also the article itself, which I'd republished in boj with commentary and added links and photos.

It occurred to me, after clicking on the link to the Times article in my post and getting a 404 Page Not Found, followed by zilch from the Wayback Machine and no Google cache, that the only place in the virtual world you can find that Times story is in my old post.

So perhaps republishing in its entirety — with added commentary and links and photos — stuff of interest, rather than being a forme fruste of plagiarism, is, instead, the only way some things will remain accessible.

Just a thought.

What say you?




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I've followed the very same sequence to track down previously-visited sites and articles! Sometimes you've just gotta be smart enough to leave yourself some decent breadcrumbs!

Posted by: Rob O. | Dec 14, 2019 8:12:36 AM

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