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December 3, 2019



From the website:

A fun and beautiful way to make pickles

Pickles, or tsukemono, are the unsung heroes of Japanese cuisine.

Now there's a revolutionary new tool that builds on our predecessors' traditional methods.


The Picklestone consists of a glass bin, a hinoki wooden press that is attached to a stone, and a wooden lid.

The stone is made from aji-ishi (庵治石), a type of high quality granite excavated in Kagawa prefecture and nicknamed "diamond granite" for its remarkably fine grain, crystal-like hardness, and lustrous gleam.


It gets its rare speckled pattern from a small amount of black mica that is part of its composition.

Attached to the stone is a piece of hinoki wood, which rests on top of your pickles and adds a subtle woody flavor.


To make pickles, simply add your vegetables and pickle brine (typically salt, chili pepper, and konbu kelp) to the jar and lower the Picklestone down.

Place the wooden lid over the bin and let the stone do its work.


The compact container is designed to fit right into the liquids shelf of your refrigerator next to the milk and juice.

It's everything a modern-day pickler would need.


Features and Details:

• Materials: Aji-ishi stone, hinoki wood, cotton rope, bamboo lid, silicone rubber, glass container

• Dimensions: 115/Small: 2.5"Ø x 7.4"H; 220/Large): 3.6"Ø x 8.6"H

• English instructions and recipes included

• Designed by Tomonori Tanaka





$140-$190 (vegetables not included).

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Love me some Japanese pickles. Thanks, Joe.

Posted by: antares | Dec 3, 2019 5:02:42 PM

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