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January 16, 2020

When are fruits in season?


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How to minimize your chance of being in a car crash — by doing absolutely nothing


Yes, you read correctly: it is indeed possible to get something for nothing: in this case, something substantial.

All you need to do is buy the right color car and you will decrease your chance of being hit by a large factor.

Researchers at the University of Auckland found that silver cars have half the rate of serious crashes as white cars.

White, yellow, grey, red and blue cars all carry about the same amount of risk.

Black, brown and green cars are twice as likely as white and comparably risk-rated colored cars to be in serious crashes; that equates to four times more crashes, all other things being equal, than silver cars.

In the study researchers took into account engine size; make and age of the car; and driver sex, age and socio-economic status.

They also controlled for road conditions and ambient light.

They suggest that the reason some colors are safer than others is a result of higher reflectivity and increased contrast with the background.

The results were published in the British Medical Journal in December 2003.

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Pencil Shavings Dress


Then 17-year-old New Zealand-based Kristina Webb dazzles with detritus.


Above, her Ferrero Rocher wrapper frock.

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Syllabus for the Internet: The Arcades Project


Apoorva Tadepalli in reallifemag called Walter Benjamin's magnum opus "a blueprint for living online."

Above, Benjamin at the Bibliothèque National de France, photographed by Gisele Freund in 1937.

From her piece:

The life of The Arcades Project as we know it began as a photocopy.

Hurriedly handed to Georges Bataille in 1940, in secret; stuffed under a floorboard at the Bibliothèque in Paris.

That is where the Arcades was born; an illegitimate child, smuggled into its own home country, while its maker fled the Nazi regime.

The "original," if we are to assume that Walter Benjamin had any interest in that word, is missing.

Bataille kept it until the furor died down, then dug it out again and patched it together. What was subsequently published was the photocopy; the photocopy is the original.

Benjamin described the project in a letter to Gershom Scholem as "the theatre of all my struggles and all my ideas," and repeatedly insisted that it was more important than his own life. 

Full disclosure: I've started "The Arcades Project" several times over the decades but abandoned it each time, not because it's not wonderful but rather because it's almost too wonderful, if that makes any sense.

Your experience may differ.

It's here, free, the way we like it.


Researching Benjamin Researching is "'The Arcades Project' through the eyes of a digital flâneur."

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Degree of Importance Binder Clips


Punk peeps in the office by putting "CAN WAIT" on something that was due yesterday and "TRIVIAL" on papers that are anything but.

14 clips, 2 sizes.


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