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January 20, 2020

Wild Mandarin Duck


As seen on Bing worldwide.

Photo caption: "Wild Mandarin Duck on dark green lake, UK."

By David Slater/DanitaDelimont.com.

[via Joe Peach who wrote, "This picture is part of Windows (Bing) wallpaper/screen saver. I was entranced by its plumage, it 'zenned' me when I first viewed it on my 28" monitor! ... I wish you could see it without icons on a big screen!"]

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"Who Will Save Your Soul? — Jewel and Jessica Simpson

Who knew Jessica Simpson could sing so well?

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Pinball Map

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 4.49.15 PM

"Welcome to Pinball Map!"

It's a user-updated map of public pinball machines.

But wait, there's more!

Internet Pinball Machine Database is "a comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made."

"The database currently includes 71,534 images of 6,264 games."

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Mars on Earth: Dust Storms in Australia

From the Guardian

Damaging winds produced by thunderstorms across central New South Wales (NSW) have whipped up dust storms that turned daytime into night in some towns.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a series of severe thunderstorm warnings on Sunday evening for inland NSW with the associated winds generating massive dust clouds.

Videos posted to social media showed dust storms descending on Dubbo and nearby towns that were so thick they blocked out the sun.

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Limited-Edition Hello Kitty Dry Suit


From the website:

The Hello Kitty Dry Suit is for seriously kawaii water sports.

Look out for the Sanrio cat's iconic red and white ribbons decorating the arms and shoulders, as well as a few on the chest.

And can you spot Hello Kitty's eyes and whiskers too?

Just in case you can't tell what character this is meant to be, "Hello Kitty" is stamped on the back of the left leg.

You can also get a Hello Kitty diving hood for the final touch, complete with a red Kitty-chan ribbon.

There is an ankle weight too.

This is a strictly limited edition item, with only 50 available.

Features and Details:

• Genuine dry suit with valve and sealing

• Optional hood (white or black) with red ribbon (small or large)

• Optional ankle weight (1.1 lbs)


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