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January 11, 2020

Automatic Trash Can

From websites:

Townew ties off the bag when full and pulls a new bag into place.

Features and Details:

• Self-closing

• Infrared motion sensor

• Touchless design opens lid with a wave of the hand

• Bags automatically cut and sealed using thermoplastic technology

• Rechargeable battery life approximately one month after 10-hour charge

What could go wrong?

$119.95 (trash not included).

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I agree: the bag is super small. Who would that appeal to? Perhaps the commercial gets to that: seemingly single woman, uncluttered home, no sign of an outside the kitchen place to put the garbage.

For one thing, given the number of small kitchen cans and bags in stores, there must be quite a lot of people who prefer that. I don't know how that's possible, but it seems true.

A big bag will appeal to households that create a lot of garbage, don't mind the smell, or have difficulties getting the stuff our the door.

A small bag can't just appeal to those who don't create much garbage. Smell must be a real issue. Also, if you had littler kids whose job is was to get the bags out, this product might work. Another one is people who may create garbage, but have an odious walk to a garbage shoot or dumpster: keeping a bag or three sealed by the door until you go out might work.

I also can't see that it is good business to offer small cans only: the cost of scaling them up just does not seem prohibitive.

BUT, I do see one good reason. I bet you there are big fixed costs in developing the right spool of material, and the right sealers for each new model. If this was funded by Kickstarter or something ... they may have only had development money for one size, and they chose smaller and cheaper.

Posted by: Dave Tufte | Jan 21, 2020 4:34:28 PM

That is the tiniest kitchen garbage can I ever saw in my life. And I bet that's supposed to be like for a family of five or six. A kitchen can is for the REAL garbage, right? Not just the Q-Tips and toilet paper cores and hairbrush hair wads. I fill up a 55 gallon garbage bag once a week and it's just me! Junk mail, food containers, bones, ancient shoes....I don't even know what all but it fills that big bag up to the tippy top. How are these people living?

Unless, they throw out half a dozen of those tiny bags a day.

I can give those Townew people some trash to include with their product.

Posted by: Flautist | Jan 12, 2020 5:55:30 AM

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