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February 12, 2020



I only learned of the existence of this wonderful piece via a casual aside in a comment by Ms. Radoo on my Louise Bourgeois post of February 5.

It was created in 2015 by Taos, New Mexico-based sculptor Christina Sporrong, and has since traveled to New Orleans and Austin.


From the TaranTula website:

TaranTula is a large steel tarantula. Standing dynamically at 18 feet tall, her eight legs are perforated like a dried saguaro cactus and filled with an array of LED's that respond in bright colors to sound.

She has a web that can be climbed to so as to allow people to hover within the abdomen of this giant arachnid.


She is not to be feared: rather, she asks for keen recognition of her long cast shadows, her bright lights, and her interactivity. 

TaranTula can be experienced in Santa, Fe, New Mexico.

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