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February 22, 2020

Bungee Bed

YouTube caption:

Gray Cat prefers this napping spot above all others, prolly 'cause she's suspended on a web of stretched bungee cords (whose main function is to hold the 37-year-old chair together, now that its webbing has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer support a person's weight).

Air from the heating vent directly below rises and fills the space between the chair's original seat and the superimposed bungee arrangement, making for a very comfortable snooze.

When you weigh 5.5 pounds and your weight's distributed over a relatively large area (I did the math: she covers about one square foot of surface area with her furry self when reclining in sleep pose; 5.5 pounds x 16 ounces/pound  = 88 ounces divided by 144 square inches = 0.6 ounces/square inch = 17 grams/square inch pressure) when you sleep, life is good.

Note the bungee cord fibers and kitty's whiskers waving in the stream of warm air rising from below the chair.

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