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February 10, 2020

When Antony Gormley met K-pop superstars BTS

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From the Guardian:

On the shore of the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a tangle of aluminum coils rests like a tangled 50-foot slinky.

The massive loops form a porous cave against the light Tuesday morning rain — people pose for pictures at the edges, while a toddler steps over the square tubes in tiny Ugg boots.

The hulking aluminum tumbleweed, likely to be stumbled upon by joggers on an evening run, is "New York Clearing," a piece by the renowned British sculptor Antony Gormley and a local art experiment supported by one of the biggest boy bands in the world.

Connect, BTS, is a global arts project led by BTS, the seven-member South Korean pop sensation, now one of the world’s most popular music acts.

Interested in a different avenue to connect people, BTS has sponsored sites in London, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Berlin and New York featuring interactive work from 22 artists.

Connect BTS, which will unveil elements of the project over the course of this year, shares with the band, according to its curator Daehyung Lee in a press release, "a deliberate porousness, and a realization of the possibility of seeing the world differently."

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Based on a series housed at the Royal Academy in London, Gormley's "New York Clearing" features the same looping, buoyant coils — a scribble come to life by a single line of over 11 miles of aluminum tubing tied and welded together without beginning or end.

It's also the first of Gormley’s Clearing projects to be staged outside, unbounded by museum admission.

The potential to reach new audiences, either in New York or through BTS's massive fanbase, initially drew Gormley, who's perhaps best known for his 66-foot "Angel of the North" figure in Gateshead, to the project.

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