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February 10, 2020

"YouTube is killing me": bookofjoe strikes back

Constant readers will recall this past Saturday's post in which I expressed my disgruntlement at YouTube's new policy of not allowing livestreaming from mobile phones unless your channel has at least 1,000 subscribers.

Before Saturday's post, I had 596: in response, 9 great new peeps signed on such that now I have 605 — only 395 to go.

Thinking about this, it occurred to me that if I posted videos to YouTube more frequently than a year apart — as of Saturday, it had been a year since my last new one — perhaps I'd add new subscribers faster such that I could get to the magic 1,000 before 2050.

Your wish is my demand.

Never mind.

Up top, a brand spankin' new YouTube video, shot just this morning here at boj World Headquarters®©.

From now on — or at least until I get to 1,000 subscribers — I'm gonna be posting a new YouTube video daily.

If you're a subscriber, you'll get a heads-up from YouTube the moment it's live.

Cheap at twice the price.

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Yes, yes!
And perhaps do an occasional karaoke type sing-along, kind of like when you break into song behind the wheel in a twitter video every now & then. ("On the Road Again"...) Just to spice things up a bit. Keeping Gray Cat as the on-screen model, of course.

I present a modest example of my own. There was supposed to be a cat in the video but she walked off for some reason.


Posted by: Flautist | Feb 10, 2020 5:41:28 PM

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