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March 17, 2020

Cleaning the Ship's Cargo Hold

YouTube caption: "A ship's main purpose is to transport cargo, so naturally one of the most important tasks is to make sure that the cargo holds are clean and ready to receive cargo."

[via Benedict Evans]

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Heaven is a place on Earth


Not just the title of a great Go-Go's song but also where I am at the moment, on page 42 (of 754) of Hilary Mantel's just published "The Mirror and the Light"*, the third part of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy.

Now that I have fully gotten into the CoronaVirus Lifestyle®©**, what with sports gone from TV, it's all books all the time.

This one is so good I invoked SlowRead©® before I finished the first page.

If I continue plod along as I am, it should be weeks till I finally come to the end.

*Read the first thirteen pages here

**Actually, it's not any different from my pre-virus life; perhaps the future was just not evenly distributed a couple decades ago

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Peace on Earth

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New violations were detected on your website

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.51.08 PM

This just in from Google.

I haven't a clue what I did to violate their policies.

I get one of these about every six months.

I once tried to actually find out what I did wrong but it was the usual trip down the TechnoDolt©® rabbit hole that went everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

If I made more than the $15/month I average from AdSense, I might make a less half-hearted effort.

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Portable Retractable Double Clothesline


From the website:

This retractable clothesline features two heavy-duty lines, either or both of which can be extended up to 49.5 feet per line (total 99 feet), creating ample space to dry multiple loads of laundry.


Maximum load is 19.8 pounds per line (total 39.6 pounds).


This durable device, made of high impact ABS plastic, is rugged enough for outdoor use and can be placed indoors as needed.


Includes 24 plastic clothes pins and installation accessories.


It comes fully assembled and is easy to install and remove from sight when not in use.

Ideal for camping and travel.


$17.99 (full wardrobe included with orders to southern suburbs of Atlanta: please specify gender and size).

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