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April 1, 2020

Card Candle


From the website:

What can be simpler and more mundane than a white candle?

Well, not if you are Koji Koyama, the award-winning art director behind the Card Candle series.

With an oblong shape and bronze stand, Koyama redefines most people's idea of candles and invites us to think of them as something more than a source of soft light.


The Card Candle comes in three fragrance blends (Fresh Floral, Fresh Green, and Cassis Leaves), all created with the use of materials and scents used in perfumery: rose, jasmine, citrus, or cassis have all been employed to give you 30 minutes of visual and olfactory bliss.

When the original five-pack is gone, candle-only refills are also available in all three fragrance blends.


Features and Details:

• Fresh Floral aromas: rose, jasmine, citrus, plum

• Fresh Green aromas: tea, geranium, palm rose

• Cassis Leaves aromas: cassis leaves, rose

• Candle dimensions: 2.7"H x 0.7"W x 0.11"D



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