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May 29, 2020

Urinal Sculptures — The exquisite creations of Clark Sorensen

Pink n green orchid

He's based in San Francisco.


Each piece takes between

Morning glory

four and eight months

Yellow orchid new2

from start to finish

Lotus flower overhead

due to the extremes


of size, complexity, and color vibrancy

Orange orchid new 2

required to meet

Venus flytrap side

his exacting standards.

Hollyhock front

Want one?

They start at $6,500 and the sky's the limit.

Apply within.

[via Brian Nelson]

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Asleep in her fort

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Years of Indiscretion — John Ashbery


Whatever your eye alights on this morning is yours:
Dotted rhythms of colors as they fade to the color,
A grey agate, translucent and firm, with nothing
Beyond its purifying reach. It's all there.
These are things offered to your participation.

These pebbles in a row are the seasons.
This is a house in which you may wish to live.
There are more than any of us to choose from
But each must live its own time.

And with the urging of the year each hastens onward separately
In strange sensations of emptiness, anguish, romantic
Outbursts, visions and wraiths. One meeting
Cancels another. "The seven-league boot
Gliding hither and thither of its own accord"
Salutes these forms for what they now are:

Fables that time invents
To explain its passing. They entertain
The very young and the very old, and not
One's standing up in them to shoulder
Task and vision, vision in the form of a task
So that the present seems like yesterday
And yesterday the place where we left off a little while ago.

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Once great junk brands



Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.52.11 PM



There must be a zillion more.





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Outdoor Extension Cord Safety Cover


One of those things you didn't know existed.

Features and Details:

• Seals and locks cords together to resist shorting

• Plastic with rubber seal

• Set of 2

• 8" long

$14.55 (extension cord not included).

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