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May 14, 2020

Cosmic Hair Day Shampoo Bar


"Punchy and fruity notes with a cranberry scent."

What's not to like?

From the website:

Ever dreamed of shampooing your hair in a swirling galaxy of invigorating scents and luxurious lather?

Treat your hair to an interstellar bathing experience.

Shaped like a chunky little planet, this Cosmic Shampoo Bar is the perfect way to get your sweet soapy-nova fix.

Never used a shampoo bar before?

Just add water to lather it up, then massage into your hair as you usually would.

A little goes a long, multi-parsec way.

The perfect travel soap (intergalactic or otherwise).

Suitable for all hair types (dry, greasy, alien, AI, etc.)

3“Ø x 1.2“H



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