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June 28, 2020

How to have a song repeat on Apple Watch

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 12.16.25 PM

I've had one of these wonderful devices since around 2017.

Prolly 99% of my usage is for listening to music via earphones while I run.

I like to repeat a song I really like five or ten times or more, and have always simply pressed the "Back" arrows to do so each time the song ends.

I'd much rather have the song repeat automatically, but when I press the icon that looks like it would do that, it doesn't.

So I just figured, live with it.

Then yesterday, for some reason, I thought, no way can there not be a "Repeat" function in there somewhere.

So I put "Repeat a song on Apple Watch" into the Google search box, and up came the directions up top, the very first result of 27,500,000.

This TechnoDolt©® is pleased to report that it works as described.

What I'd been doing wrong is tapping the "Repeat" icon once instead of twice: once repeats a playlist or album, twice repeats a single song.


Much better for when I'm running in horrible humidity like this morning and sweat's dripping into my eyes and it's hard to press my finger just so every few minutes to do it the old way.

Why didn't I go find these directions when I first got the watch?

Why have I been making things difficult for myself?

I can only fall back on one of my favorite quotes, which featured in today's 12:01 p.m. post.

In case you've already forgotten it: 

The hard way is the best way — not because it is the best way, but because it is the hard way.

If you understand why I love that quote so much, we'll get along great.

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It's a Froggy Day

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The Hard Way

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.22.39 PM


Since I read it in the New York Times magazine Letters section (above), this quote has been a favorite.

I don't see that changing.

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Toilet Paper Flushing World Map


[via Mind of a Hitchhiker]

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[The new Wingspan board game features illustrated cards hand-drawn by artists Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo and Natalia Rojas]

From the Wall Street Journal:

Among the geeky ranks of board-game designers, women are as rare as the blue-eyed ground dove, but Elizabeth Hargrave has swooped in with her highflying game Wingspan.
A health-policy consultant by profession and a bird-watcher by passion, she caught the attention of industry leader Stonemaier Games with her unusual ornithology theme.
Up to five players compete to build the most impressive nature preserve, hoarding and relinquishing tiny eggs and food tokens as they go.
The game, launched last year, revolves around 170 different gorgeously illustrated cards depicting North American birds — like the burrowing owl or the bronzed cowbird — and each delivers myriad facts about the species, so you might pick up some birding intel as you compete.
But Wingspan is just as engaging if you don't know your common cuckoo from your common loon.


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