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July 4, 2020

There is no such thing as a bad decision — Part 2


Part 1 appeared here last week and evoked two comments, one of which I pursued via email with the commenter known as Brucexo.*

Up top is part of our back-and-forth, which has confounded me since he sent it.**

There's no question that looking for a gas leak with a lighted match is a bad decision, even if the leak is detected before an explosion occurs.

If the first sign of a leak is an explosion triggered by that lighted match, then obviously using the match was a bad decision resulting in a bad result.

I'm confused, because I can't reconcile the truth above with my original statement (above, in the headline).

I remember when I signed up for Philosophy 1, Introduction to Logic, back when I was an undergrad.

After the first lecture I looked through the textbook, written by the guy teaching the course, and it was chock full of funny symbols and equation-like things — not my sort of thing, for sure.

Dropped that puppy like it was hot.

But I digress. 




*Homage to my favorite musical artist, the man originally and then formerly and then once again known as Prince

**The comment appears in Apple's Dark Mode, which I love now as much as I did the day they released it

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I'm watching you

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Shades of Wolf Kahn


Around 9:30 a.m. today I glanced up from my computer and saw what you see above and below.


Reminded me of Wolf Kahn, whose works grace my monthly wall calendar.

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Happy 4th of July: Sing along with John Fogerty

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 6.22.34 PM

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Coravin Wine Pourer

From the website:

Pour any wine, any amount — without pulling the cork.

One sip or one glass: save the rest of the bottle for another week, another month, or another year, with the cork intact.

$249.95-$799.95 (wine included with orders from Indianapolis and the southern suburbs of Atlanta: choose from Château Cheval Blanc 2015 Saint-Émilion, Château Margaux 2015 Margaux, or Château Pétrus 2015 Pomerol).

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