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July 24, 2020

Brick Block

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Created by

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Oskar Stålberg.

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How to chill when the Heat Index is 100°


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Now here's a refreshing sign, one I'd like to see more of.

Wrote Roderick Russell:

No, this isn't a 2,000 word essay on listening to your body, avoiding injury and running safe.

It's just a picture of a silly little sign that I saw today on the drive through the woods to the trailhead.

Normally I'd simply consider this a run-of-the-mill "children at play" sign, only, I was in the middle of the blasted woods with not a house in sight, and there's a noticeable absence of the "children at play" portion!

Though a web search has revealed other signs with this specific iconography on it, I did think that the character depicted was rather silly.

Upon seeing this sign while on my way for a run, my brain instantly thought "Yes. Running with bad form like that will make you slow."

As I think about it, I have seen a similar sign, on the street north of UVA's law and business schools that leads onto the 29/250 bypass.

I'll try to remember to snap a pic next time I'm passing through.

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David Mitchell's final book, "From Me Flows What You Call Time," will be published in 2114



From the Wall Street Journal: 

Future Library


I wonder if Mitchell's ever read — or heard of, even — Philip K. Dick's 1974 novel, "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" (pictured above, the cover of the first edition).

Find out what you'll be missing until the Future Library opens its virtual doors in 94 years.

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Disappointed Sigh Machine

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From the website:

Did you ever get so tired of sighing at things that you wanted to sigh at, but then realized that would only make things worse?

These days, so many things are disappointing that it's too much of an effort to do all the sighing yourself.

This 3½" Disappointed Sigh noisemaker makes sure that no annoyance goes unacknowledged ever again.

It includes four sighs — male, female, shocked, and end of the world.

With our press-of-the-button automated dismay, you can express your grumpiness electronically!

$9.95 (batteries included).

Still not sure?

Watch the video.

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