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July 30, 2020

Everything is subject to improvement here at boj World Headquarters©®


For example, this morning I finally ran out of clean running shorts and t-shirts and so it was time for a big washday, which happens about every 3-4 weeks.

I added a scoop of OxiClean powder and a capful of liquid detergent to the water, then threw in the first load of laundry.

Then came the improvement.

Using scoops I'd saved from previous containers of OxiClean and caps from unused bottles of detergent, I proceeded to measure out three (3) scoops of OxiClean powder and three (3) capfuls of detergent (top) for the next three loads, thus enabling me to proceed directly to starting them without having to stop to measure out OxiClean and detergent each time.

Silly, you say?

Most would concur.

I have had more than a few people remark that being with me can get tiring, as I'm always looking for a short cut or easier way to do stuff.

I just never seem content to leave things as they are.

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