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August 9, 2020

Best Tortilla Chip Rankings

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The Washington Post's Emily Heil, steadily working her way through the many junk foods American runs on, turned her critical eye and palate to tortilla chips, ranking 14 popular brands for the Washington Post.

The winner: Santitas


The winner's description: 

Maybe we're all just a bunch of closet cornballs? Santitas came out on top, boosted by rave reviews of its "very pronounced corn flavor." A more visceral take? "A corn bomb has been detonated here," enthused one taster.

It earned the tasting's other perfect score from a judge who raved about the chip's "great crunch!" It hit marks for crispiness, ability to convey salsa from bowl to maw, and decent salt levels, all of which earned it plaudits like "well balanced" and the prescient "all-around winner."

A nice bonus: With a price point typically in the $2 range per 11-ounce bag, these might be the best bargain on this list, too.

From the article:

Tortilla chips are the quintessential party food.

And they definitely love a crowd: A big bag pairs perfectly with store-bought salsas or hummus, or even more elaborate concoctions, on a buffet.

But these days, we're reminded that they make a great pantry staple, too.

As a midday snack, obviously, for when you need to take a few steps away from your desk/dining room table to the kitchen.

They're a fine lunch (don't judge) with a hearty dip of whatever's around.

Now that I'm minimizing trips to the grocery store and trying to use up every morsel in the pantry, I'm finding even more uses for them: The last crumbly bits in the bottom of a bag make a crunchy mix-in for a salad, and a slightly stale stash is great in chilaquiles.

Grocery shelves are crowded with a head-spinning array of options.

So we collected 14 varieties, including the top-selling brands in the United States and popular grocery store private labels, to determine which was the superior chip. (In the interest of keeping things simple and uniform, we omitted any flavored varieties.)

We ranked them on texture (how crunchy are they? are they sturdy enough to stand up to your famous seven-layer dip?), salt balance (too much? too faint?), and overall flavor, for a combined score of 20 possible points. With seven  the best possible overall score was 140.

Complete rankings here.

I can't speak for you but me, I was amused when I saw this post was juxtaposed to the previous one.

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