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August 2, 2020

My Top 10 Songs

Yesterday I was sitting here doing something close to nothing (but different from the day before) when it occurred to me that I could take a few moments to go through my Apple Music song list and clean it up a bit, what with songs I don't like any more occasionally coming on.

A few moments became a few hours as I whittled my playlist of 723 songs down to 294, after getting rid of stuff I didn't like and lots of duplicate titles.

Then I decided to go through the list again to correct the titles and spellings of songs and artists.

That took a couple more hours.

But now I've got a lean, mean music machine that serves up nothing but wonderful music.

Fiddling around with the various settings and all, I saw that I could rank songs by Play Count.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 songs, as measured by how many times I've played them:

1. Sharp Dressed Man — ZZ Top

2. Gloria — Laura Branigan 

3. Little Red Corvette — Prince

4. Zombie — Cranberries

5. Jump —Van Halen

6. Raspberry Beret — Prince

7. Eye of the Tiger — Survivor

8. Smoke on the Water — Deep Purple

9. Hey Hey, Goodbye — Steam

10. Magic Carpet Ride — Steppenwolf

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Very classic Rock!
I've got a suggestion for you: Dragonball Durag by Thundercat. Look for the video on youtube, It's a masterpiece

Posted by: Dave | Aug 4, 2020 3:42:29 AM

Where's that 96 Tears??

Posted by: JohnM | Aug 3, 2020 4:53:53 PM

Pretty good list. I like it.

Instead of Laura Branigan, I have always preferred Van Morrison and Them, Gloria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVjceA1WfJU.

My choices are Tangerine Dream. Everything they have recorded, starting with Underwater Sunlight:

Posted by: antares | Aug 2, 2020 8:04:47 PM

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