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September 25, 2020

Nike needs to hire Geppetto


If you're gonna charge $250 for a pair of top of the line running shoes, the least you can do is use decent glue on the soles.

Above, exemplars of two different pairs of Nikes I purchased in the last couple years, each of which has had the contact surfaces of the soles detach from the foam underneath.

I just noticed the green shoe's rubber piece was coming off yesterday; the shoe closer to Gray Cat has just 1 (one) of the original 4 (four) black rubber tiles still in situ (the other shoe of this pair lost all [ALL] of its black tiles a long time ago: as I recall, I noticed the first one to be coming loose within a month of buying them).

Sure, I can repair them with ShoeGoo (below)


but that gets old when you have to keep doing it over and over.

Shape up, Nike!

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Why should they worry about it when you keep buying Nike over and over. I'd have stopped after at least the second time if not the first. Most of their sales are to status seekers who don't move quickly except to catch a train or last call.

Posted by: xoxoxoBruce | Sep 26, 2020 12:49:39 AM

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