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September 18, 2020

This fanboi's gonna pass


As expected I was all fired up about the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 6 this past Tuesday.

When I calmed down and read the specs, I just couldn't get very excited as I have in the past with each new iteration.

I love my Apple Watch Series 5 and wouldn't hesitate to upgrade to the 6 if there were new features that tickled my fantasy... wait a sec, that's not right... never mind.

The 6 adds blood oxygen saturation measurement but mine is always 100% so it might as well tell me my birthday.

Other changes: the screen's a little brighter, it charges a little faster, the processor runs a little more rapidly.

Not enough new bang for my $529 (44mm screen + cellular option).

What features will make me pony up for Series 7?

FaceTime camera, blood pressure measurement, and a bigger screen.

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I'm still on a Series 2 having upgraded last year from the 0. It was just under $150...and has lasted a year and a half before it was 'obsoleted' by not being able to do everything it never said it couldn't do when I bought it! I'm ANGRY apple won't continue to make this watch great again!

But seriously, every single upgrade is meaningless. It is really if you want to step up a FEW versions that actually makes sense.

What doesn't my 2 do that the latest does?

The 5 gave us Always On -- 6 is slightly brighter when in 'off' mode.
5 gave 32GB up from 8 on the 2. The 6 is still the same
30% bigger screen? Oh yeah...that is nice. 5/6
2 has a 32bit S2 chip. 5/6 S6 chip...64bit...quite a bit speedier while saving battery.
ECG istarting in the 4...VO2 starting in the 6.
Altimiter starting in the 3.

Each one has SLIGHTLY better Bluetooth and access to better WiFi ranges. Starting with the 4 you got the w3 chip that makes pairing to Apple headsets easier.

And even looking at all this...the tech REALLY isn't all that much better. Honestly, even looking at the new SE, the specs really aren't better than the one I have now -- other than it can take the new operating system because it has slightly more room for updates.

So...if you have the 5? Yeah...skip it. I liked the responsiveness that came with the upgrade from the original to the 2. In a year from now, I'll get the 4 or 5 refurbished for the same price I paid for the one on my wrist.

Posted by: Clif Marsiglio | Sep 18, 2020 4:50:39 PM

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