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October 27, 2020


You heard it here first.

The other day I was wondering how long till my right knee, underneath the patella, stops hurting so I can resume my running routine.

It started in early June so it's now coming up on five months.

I stay off my feet for a few days, the soreness is almost gone, and I go running for 2-3 miles: pain at first, then by the time I'm done no pain at all.

The next day it's more sore than before I ran, so I repeat the cycle.

I was walking out to the mailbox pondering this when I thought to myself, "How come there are no shoes with water soles?"

Nike's taken air in every possible direction, but I don't recall ever seeing a shoe with water as its shock absorbing element.

I declare priority: steal the idea if you like but it first appeared here.

I'm gonna noodle around in my attic and closets and cabinets and drawers and workshop and online and see if I can come up with some sort of jury-rigged water soles.

Stay tuned.

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Not long ago you said you didn't believe in replacing your running shoes. I wonder if the total loss of cushioning is causing the knee to take the brunt of the impact.

Posted by: JoeB | Oct 27, 2020 9:01:46 PM

Water can move in any direction so like on a trampoline you have to control every step making contact and lifting off, so you don't sprain or break your ankle.

Posted by: xoxoxoBruce | Oct 27, 2020 4:43:07 PM

"How come there are no shoes with water soles?"
Perhaps because water is not compressible and so will transmit shock rather than soften it.

Posted by: antares | Oct 27, 2020 3:02:27 PM

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