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November 21, 2020

Silicon Valley Napkin

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 3.09.15 PM copy





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Jackie Chan's Best Advice

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Fanboi Fail: Editing Pictures on a Mac


I confess: I.just.can't.do.it.


Because no matter how much time and care and effort I use in an effort to make my iPhone pix look better, every single time I FAIL.

There are so many poorly labeled icons on the pages with editing tools, it makes my brain explode.

Photo editing on a Mac or iPhone or iPad is just not TechnoDolt©®-friendly.

I have trouble just cropping pictures.

No matter: I can happily live with raw original 2018 iPhone Xs Max images. 

Fits right in with Catme 2020.

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Wombat Poop

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 7.26.02 AM

From the BBC:

Scientists have uncovered how and why wombats produce cube-shaped poo — the only known species to do so.

The Australian marsupial can pass up to 100 deposits of poop a night and they use the piles to mark territory.

The shape helps it stop rolling away.

Despite having round anuses like other mammals, wombats do not produce round pellets, tubular coils, or messy piles.

Researchers explained that the varied elasticity of the intestines help to sculpt the poop into cubes.

"The first thing that drove me to this is that I have never seen anything this weird in biology. That was a mystery," Georgia Institute of Technology's Patricia Yang said.

After studying the digestive tracts of wombats put down after road accidents in Tasmania, Dr. Yang's team compared the wombat intestines to pig intestines by inserting a balloon into the animals' digestive tracts to see how they stretched to fit the balloon.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 7.56.44 AM

In wombats, the faeces changed from a liquid-like state into a solid state in the last 25% of the intestines — but then in the final 8% a varied elasticity of the walls meant the poop would take shape as separated cubes.

This, the scientists explained, resulted in 2cm (0.8in) cube-shaped poops unique to wombats and the natural world.

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CB's Robust Roast In-The-Shell Peanuts are BACK!

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 9.16.06 AM

One of the great snack foods of the world.

CB's roasts these longer than their regular roasted peanuts — already the best I've ever had — and the result is a deeper, more powerful flavor.

The circular "R" sticker on the bag (above) designates Robust Roast.

You can tell the difference between CB's and any other peanuts with one simple test: take a deep whiff the instant you open the bag.

CB's smell fantastic, while others in comparison are chemical or dusty.

At $4 for a 12 oz bag, well worth the stiff shipping cost.

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 9.12.44 AM

If you're fortunate enough to live within driving distance of Kingston, Washington, you can skip the shipping fee and buy them at their company store/tasting room (above).

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