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November 27, 2020

Güiro (wooden percussion frog)

Right after I featured the wooden frog impaled on a dowel pictured below in yesterday's "What is it?" — which had puzzled reader Michael, who'd emailed the pictures to me  — I posted it on reddit:

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.33.05 AM

Instantly, informative and entertaining comments (and upvotes) started coming in, with a number of peeps identifying the device as a wooden percussion frog.

Wrote one: "It is called a güiro and it croaks like a frog :)"

Another: "Rubbing a stick one way is a normal frog croak and rub it the other way for a frog mating call, my grandma has these at her farm along with some medicine bowls."

More: "I had 2 of these years ago, got them from Egypt."

And: "I remember elementary school music class... that was on the percussion table."

Can't stop: "I bought one of these in Kauai!! Had no one showed me what it was, I would have had no idea also! 😆."

Finally: "It makes a sound that attracts frogs when used correctly. Oddly enough there's a slightly different version that somehow gets earthworms to come to the surface. I need more coffee."

Not only did a number of people have them, oftimes found amidst grandma's stuff, but also there appeared a link to an instructive video (top) and links to places where you can buy one for your very own self:

$9.99 here, $19.99 (Medium) and $22.99 (Large) here.

As I think about it, this would also be a great gift for the child of someone you don't like much: drive 'em nuts.

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Thanks for finding out what the heck that thing is. Like I said it has been sitting on a desk for a few years. I would try and figure out what it is and lose interest......yet it remained a mystery I wanted to solve. I was hoping for something a bit more....interesting, rare. But now I can annoy the wife with frog sounds. ;)

Posted by: Mike | Nov 28, 2020 10:39:47 AM

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