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December 3, 2020

'The Undoing'

So. Good.

A six-episode series set in Manhattan starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, both at the top of their games.

This is riveting stuff.

After Episode 1, I thought to myself, how can this continue being this great for five more?

Writer David Kelley made sure of that.

Kidman is scintillatingly good in this absorbing story with unexpected twists and turns in every episode.

And her clothes! 

Taste + money look awfully good.

Hugh Grant is excellent as well; the thing is, his character is so unsympathetic that it's easy to pass over his portrayal.

Donald Sutherland dominates the screen as Kidman's father, protective and vengeful.

Lagniappe: for the first time ever, I got to see rather than read about what's it's like to be limitlessly, unspeakably rich in New York City.

A charity auction to raise money for Kidman's boy's private school — where tuition is $50,000/year — takes place in one of those relatively new buildings with full-floor ultra-luxe high-rise apartments with breathtaking 360° views whose owners are typically billionaires who spend the majority of their time in their other homes.

Regardless of your stance on such wealth and those who've acquired it, it's mesmerizing looking out those windows.

FunFact: Kidman sings the opening theme, quite beautifully.

You could look it up.

I didn't happen on this fact until I'd watched four of the six episodes.

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"Generally speaking, the show fails on multiple levels. Among them, and perhaps not the most compelling, is that the characters were presented as caricatures. It may be because Nicole Kidman can’t act. It may be because the story was a feminist morality tale. It may be because the authors, the novelist and the screenwriter can’t write. It may be that they both hold such people in total contempt and lack the talent required to mask their ill feelings."


Posted by: Jake | Dec 4, 2020 2:55:29 PM

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