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January 31, 2021

Experts' Expert: The center of your computer screen needs to be level with your eyes

[Hailey Frances, WCAV TV anchor reporter in Charlottesville, Virginia, takes my treadmill workspace out for a spin in 2013]

I've been beating the screen@eye-level drum for over 15 years, ever since I adopted the treadmill workspace lifestyle (below, my current configuration)


a couple years after the turn of the century following Dr. James Levine's pioneering work.

You could look it up.

Version 1.0 (pretty much the same as that in the video up top) appeared here at boj World Headquarters©® in late 2005.

Below, an appendix I wrote for a book that appeared in 2012.


I might as well be shouting into a vacuum. 

Just yesterday I saw yet another in an endless series of commercials featuring some hip young person walking on a treadmill in front of her standing desk, working on her laptop.

As is customary, her neck was bent at a 45° angle staring down at the screen on the desk.

I guarantee if you keep that up you'll bag that treadmill workspace before long.

You don't need some fancy expensive piece of hardware to get it right: a box, an upside down pot, a stack of books, anything that elevates your computer to eye level will let you enter the land of walking bliss.

So easy, even a cat can do it.

Turn up the music while you're at it — works for me.

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