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February 21, 2021

Make your own Perrier at home


Or San Pellegrino or Apollinaris.

Why pay more for bottled water when you can do it yourself?

[via Wired]

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BehindTheMedspeak: Tattoo color affects removal


Above, a graphic accompanying Wall Street Journal story about factors affecting the ease and success of tattoo removal.

Not so fun fact: "Smoking... can reduce by 70% the chance of successfully removing a tattoo after 10 treatment sessions."


How about a deep dive into the tattoo removal literature?

Start with "Successful and Rapid Treatment of Blue and Green Tattoo Pigment With a Novel Picosecond Laser," published in Archives of Dermatology.

For your grand finale, allow me to suggest "Removal of Tattoos by Q-Switched Laser: Variables Influencing Outcome and Sequelae in a Large Cohort of Treated Patients," also published in Archives of Dermatology.

Wait a sec — who's that singing?

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Ice Bike Uses Rotary Saw Blade Wheels

Videre est credere.

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Lilac-breasted roller

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 8.41.33 AM

From Wikipedia:

The lilac-breasted roller (Coracias caudatus) is an African bird of the roller family, Coraciidae.

It is widely distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, and is a vagrant to the southern Arabian Peninsula.

It prefers open woodland and savanna, and it is for the most part absent from treeless places.

Usually found alone or in pairs, it perches conspicuously at the tops of trees, poles, or other high vantage points from where it can spot insects, lizards, scorpions, snails, small birds, and rodents moving about on the ground.

Nesting takes place in a natural hole in a tree where a clutch of 2–4 eggs are laid and incubated by both parents, who are extremely aggressive in defense of their nest, taking on raptors and other birds.

During the breeding season the male will rise to heights up to 144 meters (470 feet), descending in swoops and dives while uttering harsh, discordant cries.

The sexes are different in coloration, and juveniles lack the long tail streamers of adults.

This species is officially considered the national bird of Kenya.

Alternate names for the lilac-breasted roller include the fork-tailed roller, lilac-throated roller (also used for a subspecies of purple roller), and Mosilikatze's roller.

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Mobile in a Bottle

                           Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 5.03.16 AM

• 5.5" x 4.1"

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 5.03.08 AM

• Plastic and steel

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 5.03.28 AM

• Designed by Itamar Burstein

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 5.03.04 AM

$5 (cork and wine bottle not included)


Wait a sec — what's that music I'm hearing?

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