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February 15, 2021

Cadabra > Relentless > Amazon



• Jeff Bezos originally named his new company Cadabra, which he favored for its magical associations. He eventually cooled on the idea when his lawyer pointed out that, spoken aloud, the name sounded too much like "cadaver."

• After Bezos bagged "cadaver," he opted for "Relentless." Friends, however, convinced him that he was erring on the side of the sinister, but he did register the domain. Even now, if you type relentless.com into a browser, it will take you to Amazon.

• Originally the "smiling arrow' under Amazon's name in its logo was frowning — a customer emailed him that it would be better to turn it upside down, which Bezos did immediately. I wonder if he gave that person a gift card....

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