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April 5, 2021

Crusts x toast


Above, two slices from the same loaf: I removed the crust from the one on the left, then toasted the pair (below).


Long story short: even though the decrusted slice (L) acquired what appears to be a toaster oven-induced crust, that darker portion softened nicely once buttered when hot, resulting in mouthfeel notably superior to the buttered crusted piece.

It's odd: I love A v B testing IRL but find the old Google measure tedious as all get out when it comes to onscreen evaluation.

FunFact: Marissa Mayer made her name at Google taking A v B testing to the max.


• Snacking on the removed crusts makes for a nice lead-in while you observe your bread toasting.

• Put your [room temperature] butter dish close to the toaster oven while it's toasting — "like buttah" won't be a figure of speech, trust me.

• Those half-sticks of butter are an annoying pain in the butt, requiring twice as much effort twice as often.

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There's a new sheriff in Hollywood

No lines

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Take it from a TechnoDolt©®: TechnoKing NOT technoking



Long story short: Elon Musk has changed his job title to technoking of Tesla.

You could look it up.

My Crack Naming Department©® shook its collective head when they read the news.

I'll tweet him that throwing in a couple caps makes all the difference when it comes to kewlness.

nuf sed

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What is it?

Guess again

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: capable of being both smaller and larger than a breadbox.

Invented in 2016.

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Portable Green Backdrop


zoom Zoom ZOOM

From the website:

Protect Your Privacy

This screen is perfect for your home office, online classes, or gaming.


Compact, foldable, and easy to install.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 5.38.24 AM

Chroma-key green color helps set any image as your background when using green screen-enabled software like Zoom

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 5.38.41 AM

Small: 29"Ø; Medium: 43"Ø; Large: 56"Ø

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 5.53.08 AM


[via Richard Kashdan]

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