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April 11, 2021

Human innovation has mechanized the production of food

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[via the Financial Times]

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Portrait Urn

Created by visual artist Nadia Gonegaï, who makes urns whose profiles cast shadows of people both living and dead.

I wonder if she would make one from Gray Cat's beautiful face.

Stay tuned.


From designboom, which headlined its article "design for death":

At first sight, the Portrait Urn is an everyday urn with a strong relief. But when you look a little closer, literally into the shadow of the vase, you can discern the silhouette of a face. The familiar face of the dearly departed. The Portrait Urn is round, and displays from top to bottom a person's facial profile, from crown, via nose, to neck.


The Portrait urn is an innovative design by artist Nadia Gonegaï from 's-Hertogenbosch. In the past few years, she has applied herself to personalized grave monuments and urns. She discovered that the choice of urns is still impersonal and not very diverse. "Every human being, each life is unique. And at the end, there should be a personalized and fitting urn," says Gonegaï. "Nothing is as personal as a face. A single glance at someone's profile is often enough to recognize a person beyond any doubt. I wanted to do something with that."

Guess again

As a general rule, Gonegaï wants to create something personal every time, but she is also searching for something that can be realized in higher volumes. "I don't want to lose the quality and craft in the process, " she says. "My designs have to be durable, for life."

An urn can be a cold object that is hidden on top of a cabinet. The Portrait Urn is not scary. It's a familiar face that deserves a warm spot in the home of his or her loved ones. The urn comes to life as soon as it is hit by sunlight or candlelight. "The shadow of the urn reveals the lines of the face. This way the loved one always remains in the company of his or her survivors."

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The Portrait urn can be tailored to the personality of the deceased. Earth tones fit an outdoorsy type, or for those with a knack for design the urn can be executed in shimmering metal or classical bronze. A less costly alternative is neolith, which is available in all colors. By gold-plating or covering this artificial material with tin or bronze, it can be made to fit in every interior. Inside the urn is a locked box in which the cremains are kept. A cover (of the same material as the urn) in the base seals the urn hermetically.

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The Portrait Urn is about 10 to 13 inches tall and can be made based on a single profile photo of the deceased. In the event that such a photo is not available, a silhouette of the departed can be reconstructed based on several other photographs of the person's face. A smaller version (approximately 4 inches tall) is also available. This way all children or brothers and sisters can have a tangible memory in their homes. If you wear it as an necklace (below),

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you keep them close to your heart.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Bag that HEIC

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Long story short: in 2018 Apple changed its default camera image format from JPEG to HEIC.

Problems ensued.

From ThoughtOut:

HEICs are new to the industry and thus not all devices and websites are compatible.

When sharing images with non-iPhone users or other websites, you may find that they can't access your HEIC images because their device doesn't have the ability to read the HEIC file type without a "player" to read the file type.

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Just like with VHS tapes from the 90s, the user needed a VHS player to read the content on the tape.  

The same is true for devices today needing a "player" to read the HEIC file.

The good news is that you can change your default image format back to JPEG.

Follow the directions up top, which are so simple even this TechnoDolt©® succeeded in making the change on his very first attempt.

This is the exception rather than the rule, alas.

But I digress. 

More on HEIC and JPEG below.

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Clathrus Ruber Mushroom


Mother Nature's got the best 3D printer of all: behold Clathrus Ruber.

From Wikipedia:

Clathrus ruber is a species of fungus in the family Phallaceae, and the type species of the genus Clathrus.

It is commonly known as the latticed stinkhorn, the basket stinkhorn, or the red cage, alluding to the striking fruit bodies that are shaped somewhat like a round or oval hollow sphere with interlaced or latticed branches.

The fungus is saprobic, feeding off decaying woody plant material, and is often found alone or in groups in leaf litter on garden soil, grassy places, or on woodchip garden mulches.

Although considered primarily a European species, C. ruber has been introduced to other areas, and now has a wide distribution that includes all continents except Antarctica.

The species was illustrated in the scientific literature during the 16th century, but was not officially described until 1729.

The fruit body initially appears like a whitish "egg" attached to the ground at the base by cords called rhizomorphs.

The egg has a delicate, leathery outer membrane enclosing the compressed lattice that surrounds a layer of olive-green spore-bearing slime called the gleba, which contains high levels of calcium that help protect the fruit body during development.

As the egg ruptures and the fruit body expands, the gleba is carried upward on the inner surfaces of the spongy lattice, and the egg membrane remains as a volva around the base of the structure.

The fruit body can reach heights of up to 20 cm (7.9 in).

The color of the fruit body, which can range from pink to orange to red, results primarily from the carotenoid pigments lycopene and beta-carotene.

The gleba has a fetid odor, somewhat like rotting meat, which attracts flies and other insects to help disperse its spores.

Although the edibility of the fungus is not known with certainty, its odor would deter most from consuming it. C. ruber was not regarded highly in tales in southern European folklore, which suggested that those who handled the mushroom risked contracting various ailments.

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World's Best Nutcracker

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From the website:

Flywheel energy is applied to the high-efficiency ball screw.

A few turns of the flywheel are enough to crack walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds.

The crushing force can be calibrated by choosing the starting height of the flywheel.

Features and Details:

• Screw Ø: 16 mm

• Screw stroke: 90 mm

• Flywheel Ø: 160 mm

• Flywheel weight: 1650 grams

• Min/Max height: 240/330 mm

• Stainless steel/brass frame

• Weight: 5900 grams

• Depth: 200 mm

• Width: 200 mm

• Made to order

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.45.18 PM


Still on the fence?

Watch it 

in action.

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