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April 25, 2021

Back Home, Wrong Way, It's Gone

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 9.49.27 AM

The headline above features the three main legs of my current worldview.

My head's been hurting for months, ever since I decided to try to conceptualize my approach to life and the prism through which I view it.

I use the abbreviations BH, WW, and IG to help me remember my triad.

Back Home (BH)*: Imagine the universe in near instantaneous rewind back to the singularity

Wrong Way (WW)**: When about to do something, do something else

It's Gone (IG)***: It was here a moment ago but it slipped into an adjacent world for a bit (see this April 1 post**** for a brief exegesis)

*B&H Photography



****Only after the fact did it occur to me that it appeared on April Fools Day

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From a movie.. but as I only know it form a sound clip from a Ministry song, I can never remember what it was from... "Where you come from is gone. Where you thought you were going was never there. And where you are ain't no good unless you can get away from it.

Posted by: Rocketboy_X | Apr 25, 2021 8:55:00 PM

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