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May 7, 2021

BehindTheMedspeak: Home Covid Tests


They just went on sale over the counter/internet to anyone who wants one — no prescription required.

I bought a kit (actually two kits, each containing two tests, for a total of four tests) online from Walmart, which offers the best price: $20/kit if you buy two kits, with free shipping.

They arrived two days after I ordered.

For comparison, Walgreens and CVS want $24/kit (two tests) with free shipping if you order two kits.


I opened up a kit and was kind of dumbfounded by the length, complexity, and requirements for precision conveyed in the instructions (above and below).


I don't believe one person in a hundred is capable of doing each step as directed without screwing something up.

Which means that there are going to be a lot of false negatives and false positives from the manner of testing, beyond those inherent in the test materials themselves.

These are early days: I expect future over-the-counter Covid tests to be as simple as pregnancy tests.

Me, I'm gonna wait a while and reread the instructions a few more times before giving it a whirl.

Caveat tester.

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Stirt- Please give us an update on this. I am curious.

Posted by: Pamela Barnes | May 8, 2021 8:51:06 PM

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