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July 21, 2021

Is this prime?

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 10.21.14 AM

Fair warning:

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 10.21.06 AM

there goes the day.

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Japanese Lantern Plant


Also known as the Chinese lantern or winter cherry, it blooms in winter.

When it dries up in the spring, the "skin" crumbles away, revealing the red fruit inside its "skeleton."

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'The Idea of North' — Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould:

I've long been intrigued by that incredible tapestry of tundra and taiga which constitutes the Arctic and sub-Arctic of our country.

I've read about it, written about it, and even pulled up my parka once and gone there.

Yet like all but a very few Canadians I've had no real experience of the North.

I've remained, of necessity, an outsider.

And the North has remained for me, a convenient place to dream about, spin tall tales about, and, in the end, avoid.

This programme, however, brings together some remarkable people who have had a direct confrontation with that northern third of Canada, who've lived and worked there and in whose lives the North has played a very vital role.

From Wikipedia: 

In "The Idea of North," produced in 1967, five speakers provide contrasting views of Northern Canada.

PBS aired an experimental film based on it, directed by Judith Pearlman, in 1970, its first co-production with CBC.

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New Grandma® Cargo Pants

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.49.51 PM

Roz Chast with yet another perfect 10.

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What is it?


Answer here this tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: not an x-ray of a hot water bottle.

A third: no moving parts.

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