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August 1, 2021

Damian Hirst Is Finally Making us Choose: Digital or Physical?


Damian Hirst, one of the world's highest-selling artists, is part of the NFT space.

Soon, Hirst will, most likely, sell out his entire new collection of 10,000 physical pieces that people can "apply" to buy at $2,000 each, which he has aptly entitled "Currency."

All 10,000 spot-paintings come with a red-pill, blue-pill scenario as their principal value add.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 11.37.58 AM

Do you choose to be shipped a hand-painted physical piece by Hirst himself?

Or would you prefer to keep the NFT as a purely digital token?

This conundrum leaves many other art collectors and me in the crypto space asking ourselves: why not both?

However, this seems to be the point of the collection: to assess the buyer's relationship to a piece that exists simultaneously in both the digital and physical worlds.

Thus, asking the buyer to decide which medium they deem more valuable for themselves. 

While there are 10,000 physical pieces that have been hand-made to pair up with every NFT, the buyer can only choose to claim one or the other: physical painting or NFT of it.

Making the pieces available through Heni.com, powered by palm.io, the same chain that fueled the sold-out Space Jam drop, the pieces are meant to be accessible to as wide of an audience as possible, available for purchase directly with FIAT.

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The Black Crack

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.11.19 AM

Located along Utah's White Rim Trail, this natural fissure in the rock, a few feet wide, is deep enough to kill you.

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All possible love to Maille


Maille has been around since 1747, according to the label on the jar of cornichons pictured above and below.

I'm here not only to praise its pickles and world-class mustards but also to bring to your attention something which made my day when I discovered it upon opening the aforesaid jar.

I espied a green plastic thingie (below)


amongst the top layer of pickles and figured it was a handy barbed toothpick of sorts to help remove the last few from the jar.


It's a device which lifts ALL the pickles up to the top edge of the jar while shedding the juice, and does so by combining the vertical plastic aforementioned thingie and a circular plastic base which sits on the jar's bottom until called upon to elevate.


But wait — there's more!

The green plastic thingie has small extrusions (below)


which serve to anchor the bottom platform so that the pickles are raised above the level of pickle juice and presented where they may easily be removed.

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Half a Life in 2 Minutes

Back story here.

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3M 3311 Foil Tape

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.14.27 AM

Some things are great fun to work with: they're so perfectly designed and functional that it's as if they were made by the gods of industrial design.

Such is the case with this tape, which I use to tightly seal the air filter compartment in my HVAC setup in the basement each time I change the filter (every 3 months; I use 3M's top of the line Filtrete MPR 2800: expensive, but it's a luxury well worth paying for).

It molds easily to the filter compartment edges and is fun to shape.

Also, it tears easily by hand, and the protective paper backing comes off effortlessly, without driving you insane trying to separate it from the foil tape itself.

2"W x 30'L roll: $8.

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