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September 17, 2021

minus: A finite social network where you get 100 posts — FOR LIFE

That's different.

From the website:

Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts — for life.

While you can reply to a post as often as you like, every time you add to the feed, it subtracts from your lifetime total.

When you reach 0 posts left, that's it.

No exceptions.

The feed is reverse chronological, not algorithmic.

Post timestamps are vague.

Nothing is monetized.

There are no likes or follows or noisy notifications.

The site's only visible metric counts down, showing how many posts each user has remaining.

How disorienting will it be to interact on a platform that doesn't try to induce endless engagement from your every waking second?

What will you say — or make — when freed from infinite demand?

Just like life, Minus has limits.

Try it out today and see what online interaction feels like on a social network designed for less.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 8.26.41 AM

Free, the way we like it.

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How Mushroom Time Lapses Are Filmed

I can't speak for you but trying to figure this out has caused me a lot of sleepless nights.

From Kottke

Documentaries about mushrooms like "Fantastic Fungi" are interesting, but it turns out that short documentaries about how mushroom documentaries are made are fascinating as well.

For this video, Wired talked to Louie Schwartzberg about how mushroom time lapses are filmed.

I don't know why I assumed they filmed these outside: they are made indoors to help control lighting, weather, and other factors (like rogue wildlife).

And, after decades of working on nature films, Schwartzberg has integrated his process deeply into his life:

I realized I've turned it into a spiritual practice. It actually literally gets me up in the morning because as soon as I'm out of bed, I'm thinking ooh, "I wonder what the flower did last night? Is it still in frame? Is it in focus?"

I have to imagine what the framing and the composition is going to look like tomorrow, or two days from now, or a week from now. That is a transformational experience because you have to put your mind into the mindset and the intention of the flower or the fungi, thinking where it's going to grow, how big will it get. And if you're right, boy, it's a rush. If you're wrong, it means you just gotta do it all over again.

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Down went my comment 8-(

No-comment-stamp-260nw-328960541 copy

It's been a while since I've heard from annoyed and/or angry readers complaining that their boj comment had disappeared, oftimes accusing me of removing it.

The headline of this post is a reader's lament that came in yesterday regarding the comment below,


which when I went to investigate turned out to be right where it was supposed to be.

It's still there.

Go figure. 

For a while I had to address this problem in a post every couple weeks or months, when it was really bad.

Let me say again: since bookofjoe began on August 24, 2004 I have never, ever, removed a comment, no matter how hateful/insulting/nasty/profane/antagonistic/enraged.

Nor will I ever.

FunFact: I know of no other blog or website that posts all comments on the home page without screening them.

In fact, most blogs and websites long ago stopped allowing comments altogether because of the time and trouble required to review them.

I've always been kinda slow to twig.

But I digress.

For whatever reason, sometimes comments don't post, and occasionally they disappear.

Not my doing: TypePad's always had issues and always will.

But after reading a lot about WordPress and its many discontents, I still think I'm better off with the status quo.

nuf sed

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Impact on Jupiter

This past Monday Brazilian astronomer José Luis Pereira captured the flash of what is believed to be a massive meteor or comet on the surface of Jupiter.

"Not a lot of information on the impacting object yet but it's likely to be large and/or fast!," the European Space Agency said on Twitter Tuesday.

When it rains it pours: this makes two straight days featuring Jupiter.

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From the website:

The Japanese have a very strong bathing culture and that's why you get awesome household items like Angel-Sangyou's Bathtable, which is the perfect addition to a long, relaxing day or evening.

You can spend a whole afternoon in the bath and keep everything you want close at hand and, most importantly, dry.

The Bathtable traps warm air beneath it using a rubber seal that lines the entire table, keeping your bath water (and you) warm!

Coming in three sizes to match the widths of different bathtubs, there are also three bold polka-dot color designs to choose from.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 9.23.06 AM

Features and Details:

• Designed for narrow and deep Japanese household bathtubs

Widths: 27.6"; 29.5"; 31.4"

• Pink, Yellow, or Blue

• Length: 23.2"

• Made in Japan


On the fence?

Watch the


Attention Miley Cyrus: Turn off the water, the tub's overflowing!

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