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September 19, 2021

Find the 12 differences

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Why does it cost so much to build things in America?


The title of this post is the headine of a Vox story.

Very long answer — and article — short: no one really knows.

But all the experts think they know.

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You can own — and drive — a 'Mad Max' vehicle

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From Ben Evans:

The vehicles from the last Max Max film are for sale.

Yes, really.

They work.

Probably not road legal, except in Texas.

I thought Charlize Theron's performance as Furiosa in the most recent of the series (2015), "Mad Max: Fury Road" was deserving of an Academy Award, though she wasn't even nominated.

If you buy one of these epic vehicles and park it on your street, I doubt you'll ever have to worry about cars parking too close and boxing you in such that it's hard for you to get out.

Same deal in supermarket and shopping center parking lots: I'd be surprised if anyone ever parked next to you.


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Nikon Small World Microscopy Contest 2021

Synthetic sapphire that became contaminated during production

[Synthetic sapphire that became contaminated during production.]

From Ars Technica:

Microscopy is essential to many areas of science.

Detailed photo quartz

[Detailed photo of quartz.]

We use it to look at everything from the small devices we fabricate to the tiny structures inside cells.

Fairburn agate

[Fairburn agate]

Microscopy wouldn't function without input from many other areas of science: chemistry helps with stains, dyes, and sample preparation; physics determines what's possible with different forms of optics; fields like biology and geology tell us where to look.

Meteorite cross-section

[Meteorite cross-section.]

Combined, these tools give us a nearly infinite suite of options for looking at the world of the small.

Crystal of common table salt

[Crystal of common table salt.]

When things come together just so, a microscope can do far more than just advance science; it can also create works of art.

Cross-section of sedimentary rock

[Cross-section of sedimentary rock.]

Each year, when Nikon releases the results of its annual microscopy competition, we struggle for new superlatives to describe the images.

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Marvel Sound Effects Machine

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From the website:

This bright red collectible plays eight signature Marvel soundbites so you can relive the good old Avenger days, including:

  • Hulk's "HULK SMASH!"
  • Iron Man's suit launch
  • Captain America's Shield Toss
  • Spider Man's web shooters
  • Falcon's wing darts
  • Groot's "I am Groot"
  • Hawkeye's arrow shot
  • Thor's Hammer Blow

Guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for Marvel super-fans and a must-have for any memorabilia collection.

Features and Details:

• Requires 2 AAA batteries (included!)

• Dimensions: 3"W x 2"H x 0.8"D

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 5.00.00 PM


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