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September 11, 2021

Baskets — Sally Blake


From Colossal:

Whether standing a few inches tall or reaching more than a foot, the metallic vessels that Sally Blake weaves are all inspired by a single, skeletonized seedpod the Canberra-based artist found herself in possession of.


"It was given to me by someone who understood my grief after my mother died, and it represented much of what I was feeling and experiencing," she said. "It was vulnerable and yet resilient, and gently held its seed — the source of potential new life and inspiration."


That original pod has since spurred dozens of baskets in varying sizes that Blake molds from lengths of copper wire.


She manipulates the pliable material with tight coils and twists that rely on pattern and sinuous lines, creating organic forms evocative of seeds, sea creatures, lungs, and other natural shapes.


Blake's works are on view through today at Craft ACT in Canberra, Australia, in her solo show titled Place Markers.


You can find her baskets in her shop, and keep up with her multi-media practice on Instagram.

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