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September 9, 2021

Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.02.02 AM

I happened on this pillow somewhere on the inner toobs and decided to get one because my sleep has been spotty of late: "junk sleep," as Liev Shreiber puts it in his commercials for Mattress Firm.

I've been using a pillow I got at Bed Bath & Beyond that was fine when I got it but that was a few years ago.

Long story short: my new Easy Breather pillow has upped my sleep game big-time: a couple nights around ten (10) hours, something I thought was gone forever.

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.02.29 AM

It comes purposefully overstuffed with memory foam pieces and you remove as much as you like to customize it: I pulled out three (3) large Ziplock bags full to slim mine down to what felt just right.

Equally important IMHO is the wonderful proprietary cover that comes with the pillow: it's not a regular pillowcase but rather a kind of 3D fabric that feels really comfortable and cool all night.

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.02.33 AM


Full disclosure: you will not receive a Gray Cat equivalent to snuggle between your arm and chest and make reading more than a page or two in bed impossible as a result of the purring-enhanced emitted soporific field.

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EIGHTY dollars!!?! It would have to be a damn fine miracle-sleep-inducing pillow for me to recover from the sleep deficit I would surely suffer as a result of extended worrying about the relative fortune (for me) I just spent on a fancy bag of shredded-up foam rubber to help me sleep.
If that makes any sense.

I already have a Gray Cat equivalent but it doesn't snuggle (except in the dead of winter, for warmth, HIS warmth) and purr for my comfort and joy, although he's perfectly capable of it, but as an old guy he's more crabby and much less interested in the (reluctant) capitulation to my needs to assure the meeting of his needs.

(I'm reminded of some words from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar that perfectly describe what my boi cat (ball-free) doesn't waste time on anymore, with me:
"sweet words, low crooked curtsies, and base spaniel fawning.")

Posted by: Flautist | Sep 9, 2021 3:19:24 PM

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