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September 12, 2021

Find the 12 differences


What's different about today's "12 differences" post?

Well, for one thing it's a scan of an actual physical page in today's Washington Post magazine, which is where the feature appears on the second from last page every Sunday.

My previous posts of this ilk were assembled by me from online versions of the magazine.

You will note that the before-and-after images heading this post are stacked one atop the other — exactly like I've posted them in the past.

A number of readers did/do not like this format: one said it made it "impossible" to solve, while a number of others said the images should be side-by-side.

Hey, I just work here.

If you want side-by-side images, do what I did in a reply to one such reader and rearrange them on your computer screen.


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