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September 19, 2021

Nikon Small World Microscopy Contest 2021

Synthetic sapphire that became contaminated during production

[Synthetic sapphire that became contaminated during production.]

From Ars Technica:

Microscopy is essential to many areas of science.

Detailed photo quartz

[Detailed photo of quartz.]

We use it to look at everything from the small devices we fabricate to the tiny structures inside cells.

Fairburn agate

[Fairburn agate]

Microscopy wouldn't function without input from many other areas of science: chemistry helps with stains, dyes, and sample preparation; physics determines what's possible with different forms of optics; fields like biology and geology tell us where to look.

Meteorite cross-section

[Meteorite cross-section.]

Combined, these tools give us a nearly infinite suite of options for looking at the world of the small.

Crystal of common table salt

[Crystal of common table salt.]

When things come together just so, a microscope can do far more than just advance science; it can also create works of art.

Cross-section of sedimentary rock

[Cross-section of sedimentary rock.]

Each year, when Nikon releases the results of its annual microscopy competition, we struggle for new superlatives to describe the images.

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