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September 21, 2021

The world's most beautiful hair brush

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Above, the title of Marlowe Granados's ode to the Mason Pearson hair brush, an object that is still hand-finished in the U.K. using a process created in 1885.

She wrote:

A few years ago, after a couple of conversations with hairdressers, they all revealed that the one brush in their arsenal was called the Mason Pearson.

It was some kind of trade secret: Its lore was that it would smooth and shine your hair, while spreading the natural oils from root to end.

This kept your hair fresher for longer, while contributing to a healthier scalp.

Once you bought one, it would stay with you for a lifetime.

This comes at a cost: The smallest "Pocket" size runs $75, while the larger sizes can go for nearly $400.

That's the price of 130 years of craftsmanship, and it partly accounts for the brush's popularity among models, movie stars, and the otherwise very wealthy.

The company does no advertising because they can't meet any increase in demand.

Wrote Granados, "It is a beautiful object. In fact, the New York Times called it 'The most beautiful brush in the world."

The brand has never done extensive marketing or PR, and in an interview with Allure, Michael Pearson — Mason Pearson's grandson — says, "We can't make enough brushes to capitalize on it, so what’s the point?"

Their annual production runs from 200,000 to 300,000 a year.

Reminded that their brushes are used by all the top hairstylists and backstage at runway shows, Pearson seems bemused: "Yes, curious, isn't it?"

By contrast, 20% of the world's more disposable and mass-produced hair brushes are made in one factory in Xiamen, China, which turns out five million of them every month.

Mason Pearson offers guidance on "How to Choose Your Ideal Hairbrush" here.



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