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October 19, 2021

'Wonder Boy' — Olivier Rousteing

I try to watch every documentary about the world's great fashion designers.

Rousteing took over as Balmain's creative director in 2011 at the age of 25, an appointment that stunned the industry with its boldness, considering the youth and relative inexperience of the designer.

Since then it's been raining $$$ at the legendary house.

The ease and fluency of Rousteing in this excellent film reminded me of Lagerfeld.

All the while, as Rousteing creates hit collection after collection, he's simultaneously searching for his birth parents, having been adopted at age 1 year.

By movie's end he's learned that, contrary to his long-held assumption that he was of mixed race, in fact his birth parents are Somali and Ethiopian.

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Your preferred battery failure mode tells a lot about you


Me, I like lithium batteries like the one in my Dustbuster that works at full power until it suddenly it doesn't work at all.

Conventional batteries, in contrast, expire only gradually, a flashlight's beam becoming dimmer each time you use it.

I much prefer all-or-nothing because my world view is basically that things are good or bad: meh doesn't interest me at all. Never has, never will.

I always have fresh backup batteries around so when my flashlight gets noticeably dimmer I can immediately swap out the still functioning (but less than optimal) set.

Up top, my current all-purpose flashlight of choice, which I bought maybe ten years ago.

It requires 8 conventional AA batteries.

Wait a sec, joe, you just wrote "I much prefer all-or-nothing" — what's up with that?

Never mind.

Not only is this flashlight powerful and elegantly brutalist and wonderfully comforting to hold, but it also can serve as a weapon of self-defense in extremis:

• You can temporarily blind someone by shining it in their eyes.

• The heavy faceted head and knurled grip enable you to deliver a devastating blow should you need to.

Alas, Fenix retired it.

They make plenty of others, though.

You could look it up.

One more thing: a Fenix flashlight makes a great gift for anyone because few people would spend that much on a flashlight, regardless of how well-built, beautifully designed, and functional it might be.

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Got Magic? The Ricky Jay Collection

From Sotheby's:

Magician, actor, scholar, author: the range of Ricky Jay's accomplishments were as varied as are the formats and subjects of the material in his celebrated Collection: books, pamphlets, posters, handbills, broadsides, prints, ephemera, objects, and apparatus documenting the histories of magic, circuses, jugglers and acrobats, automatons, remarkable characters, learned animals, limb-deficient artists, con men, and scores of other related, if arcane, topics.

Featuring characters of the greatest celebrity to the utmost obscurity, The Ricky Jay Collection will offer an astonishing variety of material in a sale that is truly without precedent.

Live October 27 & 28 at 2 p.m. at Sotheby's in New York City.

Matthew Taub's in-depth Atlas Obscura appreciation of Jay is here.

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Staircases of Lima


From Colossal:

Artist Xomatok (previously) translates the vibrant, geometric motifs of handwoven Andean blankets, or llicllas,


into large-scale works that mark the pathways through the hilly Alisos de Amauta neighborhood in Lima, Peru.


Painted during the course of two months as part of the Municipality of Lima's Pinta Lima Bicentenario, the 13 interventions were a collaborative undertaking by the artist and local residents,


who transformed the public staircases that wind through the district into multi-level canvases.


The resulting patterns are kaleidoscopic and highlight a spectrum of bright colors and symmetries often associated with the traditional textiles.


In a note to Colossal, Xomatok says community members will add to the project as a way to continue celebrating their cultural history,


and you can take an aerial tour of the finished pieces on the artist's Instagram.

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Beauty World Slim Cat Mask — 'Slimming face mask in cute feline design'


From the website:

The Beauty World Slim Cat Mask wants you feline and looking your best!

With its cute cat design and 3D-contouring system, this face mask creates a mini sauna around your face to stimulate your blood vessels and make your jawline sharper!


This highly effective mask was also designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind.


Its breathable nose leaves you free to enjoy its wellness benefits as you relax while wearing it in the bathtub, bed, or other areas of your home.


Features and Details:

• Sauna effect

• Lifts up facial skin

• Cute cat design and ears

• Slims and decreases face size

• Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

• Contains germanium, tourmaline, collagen



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