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October 16, 2021

Got Pizza?


Nathan Myhrvold's "Modernist Pizza" — available this coming Tuesday, October 19 — is fo shizzle.

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At 1,708 pages, the three-volume set is a combination of encyclopedia, guidebook, science textbook, and cookbook.


From the Wall Street Journal: "Nerding out with charts on flour particle size and explanations of the Effect of Sauce Reflectivity on Pizza is fascinating fun for both the professional pizza maker and the science-minded eater. The survey of global pizzerias will make you want to pack your passport and and your stretchy pants."


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I have "Modernist Cooking" at home version and look forward to perusing it when I retire. I make pretty awesome pizza already, but I'm interested in what Nathan has to say.

Here's the short version of how to make great pizza.

Use Caputo 00 flour, available many places. I usually get mine at Wegmans. They also have a semolina flour which is great for using on the peel so your pizza slides off the peel onto the cooking surface.

Make the dough the day before. I do 65% hydration and try to make enough for at least 2 pies. Let the dough double in size and then refrigerate overnight. Do not overproof or the dough will lose its resilience. It should not be easy to form it into a round pie.

Use Marzano tomatoes, canned whole, fully drained and chopped. Water is your enemy.

Use fresh Mozzarella, also dehydrated by pressing water out. Tear it apart and have it ready ahead of time.

Use pizza stones to keep the heat stable in the oven, I have one above and below. Cook on a metal surface. I'm using cast iron until my friend makes me a pizza steel. Otherwise cook on the lower pizza stone.

Take the dough out of the fridge 2 hours before baking and form into balls. See the Bread Code on YouTube and see what he does.

Make a pie, and get it onto a peel that has been prepared with semolina. Add the sauce and cheese as quickly as you can along with any other toppings. Get it into the oven as soon as it's ready. Then start making the next pie.

Cook as high as you can, usually 500 degrees F or 550. For me 550 in a gas oven. Slide onto the cooking surface and rotate every couple of minutes. I do 3,2,2,2 at 550 for 9 minutes total. Preheat for at least 15 minutes.

The pizza should look burnt on the edges. If not, it's not done, trust me it's not. When you get it right, it's magical!

I'm sure Nathan's Pizza is better, but I may have saved you $300+ and a lot of reading.

Serve with beer or wine and of course friends.

Posted by: Greg Perkins | Oct 17, 2021 10:28:27 PM

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