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October 23, 2021

Spot It!


Clive Thompson raved about this game and that's good enough for me.

If that doesn't suffice for you, here's what Jacob Weisberger had to say about it in BoingBoing:

Finding games that my 6-year-old daughter and I both find entertaining can be kinda hard.

Spot it! is a matching card game that we can both play for hours! It is addictive!

The game is simple: match objects printed on small round cards.

There is always one and only one match between any two cards in the deck.

Whoever spots a match between their card and the community card wins the round and takes the community card.

You simply play through the deck and see who has more cards at the end.

Easy to learn, and for me completely dependent on state of mind as to which one of us will be the victor.

Features and Details:

 Perfect for 2-5 players

  Five different game modes

  Average game time 10 minutes

  Recommended for players 4 and older



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This game hides some surprisingly advanced maths.

Posted by: Rocketboy_X | Oct 24, 2021 1:34:09 AM

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