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October 19, 2021

Your preferred battery failure mode tells a lot about you


Me, I like lithium batteries like the one in my Dustbuster that works at full power until it suddenly it doesn't work at all.

Conventional batteries, in contrast, expire only gradually, a flashlight's beam becoming dimmer each time you use it.

I much prefer all-or-nothing because my world view is basically that things are good or bad: meh doesn't interest me at all. Never has, never will.

I always have fresh backup batteries around so when my flashlight gets noticeably dimmer I can immediately swap out the still functioning (but less than optimal) set.

Up top, my current all-purpose flashlight of choice, which I bought maybe ten years ago.

It requires 8 conventional AA batteries.

Wait a sec, joe, you just wrote "I much prefer all-or-nothing" — what's up with that?

Never mind.

Not only is this flashlight powerful and elegantly brutalist and wonderfully comforting to hold, but it also can serve as a weapon of self-defense in extremis:

• You can temporarily blind someone by shining it in their eyes.

• The heavy faceted head and knurled grip enable you to deliver a devastating blow should you need to.

Alas, Fenix retired it.

They make plenty of others, though.

You could look it up.

One more thing: a Fenix flashlight makes a great gift for anyone because few people would spend that much on a flashlight, regardless of how well-built, beautifully designed, and functional it might be.

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My RC09 stopped working. I hope it’s only battery failure. I love the powerful beam and the clip I can slide onto a ball cap for working hands-free. Very pricey @$60-something but that’s love.
My previous Fenix had a battery I could not extract when the time came.
Here’s hoping….

Posted by: Paul Tempke | Oct 20, 2021 11:29:22 AM

8 batteries + 8 chances of a leak.

Posted by: xoxoxoBruce | Oct 19, 2021 2:14:25 PM

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