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November 30, 2021

BehindTheMedspeak: Should you pee on a jellyfish sting?

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A visit to Kroger pharmacy


Above, a screenshot from my recent RayBan Stories video (below).

As I was getting it ready for boj, I noticed the similarity to a cubist collage.

See the man?

Talk to his hand.

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Mercedes-Benz W125 Rekordwagen hit 268 mph — in 1938

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 8.02.56 AM

Two days in a row focusing on speed....

Tell you what, the design of this puppy puts McLaren's latest in the shade.

From Wikipedia:

Rudolf Caracciola's record of 268 mph on 28 January 28, 1938 remained the fastest ever officially timed speed on a public road until broken November 5, 2017 by Koenigsegg in an Agera RS driven by Niklas Lilja, achieving 276.9 mph on a closed highway in Nevada.

It also was the fastest speed ever recorded in Germany until Rico Anthes bested it with a Top Fuel Dragster on the Hockenheimring drag strip.

Caraciolla's record breaking run was made on the Reichs-Autobahn A5 between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, where onlookers were rattled by the brutal boom of the side-spewing exhaust stacks as the silver car hurtled past.

By nine that morning,Caracciola and team chief Alfred Neubauer were having a celebration breakfast at the Park Hotel in Frankfurt.

Popular driver Bernd Rosemeyer was killed later the same day when trying to beat that record for Auto Union.

This also put an end to the record attempts of Mercedes.

More photos here.

You can see the Rekordwagen in person at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

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This 10-episode Netflix series is so good.

Margaret Qualley stars as a down-and-out young woman whose every decision turns out to make her life worse, such that every day is a succession of frustrations and unexpected failures on the part of everyone she has anything to do with.

Her mother IRL, Andie MacDowell, is sensational as her crazy hippie artist mom whose unreliability is a given.

If you're down-and-out, you'll enjoy this show for its recognizable, authentic depiction of life on the skids.

If you're not, you'll appreciate how great it is not to be there.

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Pentel Pocket Brush Pen


Austin Kleon recently called it "a tool I can't live without."

From websites:

Portable, neat, and easy to use versus traditional paint and brushes: ideal for painting on location.


Permanent pigment ink is both fade- and water-resistant.


Durable premium bristles help create fine to broad lines in a single brush stroke.


Refill cartridges make for easy, no-mess ink replacement.


Pen + 2 refill cartridges: $14.02.


On the fence?

There's a 

video for that.

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