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November 27, 2021

Push Stamp for Washing Hands


That's different.

From the website:

Washing our hands has become a matter of great importance these days more than ever, but it's something that small children have always found particularly annoying.

The Otetepon Push Stamp for Washing Hands is a smart and fun way to turn hand washing into a game and make your young 'uns scrub their tiny hands better and get rid of the bad germs.

The Otetepon Push Stamp for Washing Hands is a real stamp (in the style of a round self-inking stamp), made by Shachihata, a company identified with such push stamps in Japan.

With it you can stamp your children's hands with a picture of a monster-like germ.

The stamp is made with perfectly harmless food color ink.

To rub it off, the children will have to scrub for a while and this teaches them that when washing our hands, rinsing alone isn't good enough.

Available in two colors — blue




pink — this is a very simple yet effective hygiene training tool!


Features and Details:

 Made in Japan

 Weight: 0.6 oz

 Diameter: 0.5"

 Instructions: Japanese

 Good for 1,000 stamps

 Size: 3.6" x 1.9" x 1.7"

  Hygiene training tool for children

 Ink: food coloring for extra safety

 Washing off ink takes approximately 30 seconds

 Push-style stamp encourages effective hand washing



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